Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The kitchen... sometimes I wonder...

You know I love it! I think my first blog though is going to be me ranting a little, about how some people seem to be incapable of doing something as simple as a cheesecake. I get to work the other day only to find that there have been no cheesecakes prepared for the day and we are down to one slice, I start working at 3p.m. so it baffles me that 8 hours into the day someone didn't take 25 minutes of time to put 2 cheesecakes in the oven for 3 hours. I questioned the prep cook on this and all she told me was "We don't do cheesecakes during the day..." Wait you don't do cheesecakes during the day? Aren't you a prep cook? Isn't that just part of your job? Guess not. Well regardless I made cheesecakes I made a cookies and cream cheescake and an almond joy cheesecake, should keep the customers happy for a little while I hope :)

Working six days this week so if towards the end of the weeks i start to get a little I don't know exasperated please bear with me. Oh and I might be starting a second job at a coffee shop, Gold Rush Coffee, this might be fun. I am a coffee addict and I have no idea what it's like to be the one inside the cramped little building server people their warm delicious bveverages all day.

All right well see ya'll soon!